Google says Android doesnt infringe on Oracles Java patents

first_imgOver the next few years, we’re going to see a lot of companies testing the validity of their mobile patents. We’re already starting to see some of those lawsuits go to trial, but Google‘s Android operating system is going to increasingly find itself in the legal crosshairs as its popularity and market share grow… but Google’s not going to be an easy target to hit, if depositions coming out of their lawsuit with Oracle are anything to go by.Here’s the backstory: way back in August, Oracle sued Google over the use of Java in Android, essentially arguing that the terms of the Java intellectual property license, while free, requires developers to demonstrate that their implementations of Java conform to certain standards… which Google has never done. In fact, Google’s implementation of Java deviates from Oracle’s standards. Hence, Oracle sued for both patent and copyright violation.AdChoices广告On their part, though, Google isn’t backing down: they have responded to the lawsuit with over twenty different reasons why they have not infringed Oracle’s copyright. One argument says that the Java code in Android is too simplistic to be protected by copyright, while another says that even if Google did infringe, it’s not their fault because the infringing code must have been implemented by an unknown third party.It’s a weird suit, and it’s just starting to heat up. Don’t worry, though: Java on Android isn’t about to go anywhere.Read more at Groklawlast_img read more

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