Hitachi Announces iPhoneBeating Smartphone Screen

first_imgApple’s 3.5-inch Retina Display is certainly sharp, but large-screen smartphones like the Droid X are missing out on all the 326 ppi goodness. Not if Hitachi has anything to say about it. The same display technology that powers the iPhone 4 is about to get super-sized. The company has produced a 4.5 inch, 1280×720 (720p) display aimed directly at the smartphone market. Citing the number of people watching “high-definition video” and reading “photo-quality books” on phones as reasons for the increase in pixels, they plan to put them into production around October and show them off at the Society for Information Display in Los Angeles this summer. At 329 pixels per inch, these displays slightly outpace the density of the iPhone’s screen while adding an inch to the size. Like Apple, Hitachi claims their new screen is “close to the limit of the human eye.” Not only is the resolution excellent, but the display will use IPS technology, which promises great color reproduction and viewing angles compared to other LCDs. If Hitachi sticks with their planned release date, you can expect smartphones this holiday season will come with quite a lot of pixels.[via Boy Genius Report, Hitachi]last_img read more

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