Watch Orca Performs Belly Roll During Close Encounter With Boat

first_img Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ Stay on target “Oh it was incredible. I’ve never been that close to a creature,” Benge said. “I mean I could have reached out and touched it.”The video captured the whale drafting in the wake of the boat, popping its head through the surface of the water as Benge and the other fishermen cheer, and then performing a belly roll right beneath the surface of the 21-foot fishing vessel.Benger, who posted the video on Instagram on Tuesday, told USA Today’s For the Win Outdoors the group first spotted 5-7 orcas a half-mile away.Orca surfaces next to fishing boat and poses for selfies off the coast of San Diego! @dianermacedo reports.— Good Morning America (@GMA) August 9, 2019“[One of the orcas] launched clean out of the water,” said Benge, who then notified the rest of the group and they thendrove for a closer look.The seemingly playful orca followed the boat closely for nearly 10 minutes before it swam off, Benge said.James Stewart, a whale expert and boat programs coordinator at The Aquarium of the Pacific, told Good Morning America orcas are usually friendly toward boaters.“Killer whales are naturally very curious and very playful animals. Certain pods will often come up to a boat and play with the boat wake, or the bow, [and] ride in the front of the boat,” he said.More on Killer Whales May Be New Orca SpeciesPhotographer Captures ‘Horrific’ Photo of Whale With Sliced-Off Tail After Boat CollisionEndangered Whale Species Experience Mini Baby Boom Off New England Coastcenter_img A group of fishermen had an incredibly close encounter with a playful orca that broke off from the rest of its pod and performed a “belly roll” for its stunned audience just off the coast of San Diego, California  — and it’s all caught on video.Nathan Benge told ABC News that he and four others were out on a fishing trip when the huge killer whale swam by.last_img read more

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