Ramassisted shredder scares children sends barrels to their demise

first_imgWe have long been fans of SSI and its shredding monstrosities. Above is the next installment in videos of colossal shredding machines that the company manufactures for commercial applications. We think you’ll agree: there’s just something about watching large items getting reduced to scrap that gets our blood flowing. This month, the company is showing off its patented ram-assist module that is used to take care of lighter items that “float” on top of the shredder’s teeth.Many times with commercial waste management, companies will want to dispose of things like empty 50-gallon drums or plastic pallets that, while bulky, are light in comparison to scrap metal. Because of their size and shape, the shredder by itself has a difficult time getting the items into its maw. To solve the problem, SSI invented its aforementioned ram assist to produce enough pressure to both crush the objects in question and to press them down so the shredding process can begin in earnest.Essentially just a large piston, the ram was created to automate a process that a human worker would have to undertake in a work environment. Imagine would could happen if you were trying to push objects into the teeth by hand, the picture isn’t a pretty one.If you were hoping to pick up one of these shredders for your backyard to take care of heavy brush or other large yard debris, you might want to reconsider your options. The Dual-Shear shredder that is depicted in the video above not only weighs in the thousands of pounds, but also costs in the thousands of dollars. But hey, if you have the coin be our guest and pick one up. Just make sure to have a video camera on hand to show us what you destroy using one of these bad boys.Check out another amazing SSI shredder.last_img read more

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