This jawdropping Lego Voltron could become a real set

first_imgIt was pretty cool how the Constructicons could team up and form Devastator, but I’ve always preferred my giant robots to be made out of five human-piloted robot lions. And hey, for good measure, let’s build the whole thing out of Lego bricks like so many other awesome creations that come across our monitors. Witness Voltron: Defender of the Universe, a new Lego project that hit the Ideas site in early April.It’s the real deal: the lions can indeed link up to form Voltron, and it comes complete with sword, shield, and a minifig crew.This thing is so mind-blowingly fantastic that it smashed through the Lego Ideas 10,000 vote barrier in less than three weeks. That means you may soon be able to proclaim “ready to form Voltron!” as you tear open bags of bricks and dump them onto your carpet.That said, there are still two hurdles to overcome — getting 10,000 votes is just the first step. First, the Lego Ideas review team has to decide that Voltron has enough potential to make it through to the review phase. That’s when things get really intense. Like, this intense:Still, the timing couldn’t be better for Lego to greenlight a Voltron set. With Netflix coaxing the lions out of retirement for a new batch of action-packed episodes, there’s clearly an opportunity to score a slew of sales from nostalgic older geeks like me and new fans who just discovered how awesome Voltron is.One thing working in Len’s favor: the people who hold the rights to Voltron seem pretty stoked about his creation (you can listen to it on the official Voltron podcast around the 22:22 mark). Maybe they can exert a little influence on the review team.Images courtesy Len_d9last_img read more

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