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Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán, the recent order to the EFCC by the President that it should account for all the monies it recovered from looters using their offices and powers has further exposed the intention of Buhari to fervently use his anti-graft war to revamp an economy that had been bastardized by looters. PTI The arrangement at Apollo Hospitals, She had edged out Bulgaria’s Sofiya Hristova Georgieva 9-8 in the repechage round despite lagging behind twice in an exciting bout.

the former chief operating officer for the city of Albuquerque. And then came the answer.D. while he campaigns to be North Dakota’s lone member of the House"And when I do it really opens some eyes and I think I’m really able to effectively make the case that I’m the most experienced candidate with regard to the issues that Congress faces" he saidThe House spot is open because Republican Rep Rick Berg is campaigning for retiring Democratic Sen Kent Conrad’s spot on the SenateThe GOP endorsement for the House will be decided at the state convention in Bismarck this March Goettle is competing with Kevin Cramer Bette Grande Brian Kalk and Kim Koppelman for the endorsementBackgroundGoettle said he has had the entrepreneurial spirit since childhood building up his 4-H Club and Future Farmers of America livestock herds since he was 10 and managing his family’s farm records He also started a gravel pit with his father and brother and said he expects business will take off this summerAfter earning a degree in agricultural economics from North Dakota State University Goettle went to law school at Hamline University in St Paul He was a private-practice lawyer from 1995 to 2002 at the McGee Law Firm in Minot and was a partner in the firm for two yearsHe said his time at the firm included securities work to help small businesses structure for success and he also worked with seniors on estate planning Medicaid issues and Social Security disability"Of course understanding those two programs is very important for our congressman" he saidGoettle worked in the Bush Administration from 2002 to 2005 serving as counsel to the Federal Housing Finance Board chairperson and holding several administrative positions within the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development officeHe came back to North Dakota in 2005 when then-Gov Hoeven tapped him to serve as commerce commissioner a role he held until 2010 Goettle said the job gave him the opportunity to lead the EmPower ND Commission in developing a comprehensive energy policy for the state based on input from the private sector"It really is something that we’ve had great success with and it is what our country needs" he said "So I connect with this idea — because I’ve done it — about creating a comprehensive energy policy for the United States"PrioritiesGoettle said his biggest priority for the House would be dealing with the budget crisis and getting a grip on the growing national debt which he said could endanger America’s economy even more if it continues to rise"It becomes not just a sound bite anymore to say we need to cut spending; it becomes an imperative" he said "We need to reduce spending balance the budget and get that under control while at the same time doing everything we can to get the economy revved up so that it grows"Goettle said he favors reforming the tax code federal regulations and the 2010 health care reform legislation to ensure the nation has a "good solid" business climate that will help small businesses grow add jobs and expand the taxpayer base to bring in more revenueThat is the method North Dakota has used to achieve its economic success he said instead of trying to raise taxes to deal with budget shortfallsGoettle said regulation is still needed but the federal government should "revisit" how it approaches regulating businesses so it does not hinder possible growth"There are a lot of ideas I have because of my experience in North Dakota and because of my experience in Washington especially in an agency that was involved with business about how we can have a more business-friendly environment" he saidJohnson reports on local politics Reach him at (701) 780-1105; (800) 477-6572 ext 105; or send email to [email protected] Rowlings Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the Harry Potter prequel arriving in theaters and in a script-book form on Friday will introduce fans to a pre-Potter era that includes a menagerie of magical misunderstood creatures The movie follows "magizoologist" Newt Scamander played by Eddie Redmayne who lets a few beasts out of his magical briefcase causing mayhem throughout 1920s New York City In the narrative of the Wizarding World Scamanders adventures which will be played out on screen over the course of five movies in the new series inspired a bookwith the same name of the filmthat shows up briefly in the original Potter series Rowling who wrote the screenplay has often drawn on real history culture and religion in her fiction so its no surprise that experts find shes been clever with her creation of each beast in Scamanders case Stephen Asma a professor of philosophy at Columbia College Chicago and author of On Monsters says that the connection goes all the way back to the idea that there would be a Fantastic Beasts book that Harry Potter might read at school Such a compendium of creatures is a very old concept started in the ancient world "Aristotle was writing about ‘fantastic beasts’ in the Hellenic period" he says referring to the Greek philosophers Historia Animallium In the movie Scamanders beasts are feared by nearly everyone but himself Asma sees another connection there: he says that terror about mystical creatures wasnt that big of a thing in Aristotles time Initially Greek and Roman cultures were interested in supernatural creatures because they were surprising and different but their myths didn’t position such animals as dangerous or demonic That came later in the Medieval period and into the dawn of Christianity as older monster myths met the stories of the Bible “Whenever you see monsters described in the medieval period and into the 1600s” Asma says “youll often see them said to be the descendants of Cain and a good example of this is in Beowulf" (The Old English poem features a villain named Grendel who is referred to as the “kin of Cain”) "So this makes monsters in the Christian tradition pretty much all evil What I like about Rowling is shes going back to this other notion of monsters" Asma says "That theyre just creatures like us trying to get through life and we can befriend them and they can help us and we can help them" Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter Asma notes that many of the Wizarding Worlds creatures are similar to some of the most famous in mythology For example Scamanders story introduces creatures like the occamy described on Rowlings site Pottermore as a "two-legged winged creature with a serpentine body that is fiercely protective of its eggs" which Asma says sounds a lot like the Greek mythological griffin a winged lion known for aggressively guarding its eggs Rowlings also made it clear the favorite newcomer in the beastly world is the niffler a platypus-like trouble-making creature "with a penchant for anything shiny" which Asma says could tie back to a religious tradition called animism in which the world is full of “little mischievous spirits” "The idea in these animistic cultures is that youre trying to draw the local spirits into a house to live” he says “and youre going to provide them with food and drink and a nice place to live and then they wont disrupt your business or family" Perhaps most importantly Scamander repeatedly tries to convey to suspicious onlookers that the beasts in his case are hardly disruptiveand here once again Rowlings story reflects how beasts have often been treated throughout history and culture The archetypal beast is powerful and strong but ultimately lonely and misunderstood “That theme is returned to over and over because we oftentimes see that this thing we saw as threatening is in fact something thats just different from us” he says “Oftentimes when you see monsters youll notice theyre exaggerations of real predators in the local environment or cultural fears like xenophobia Some creature seems evil until you realize they have a backstory thats filled with pain and possibly abuse and misunderstanding or loneliness and once you grasp that it makes sense” Contact us at [email protected] sounds appetizing: imagine having to clean your leafy greens with citric acid-based food sanitizing wipes before being able to eat your favorite veggies That is what it will take for NASA astronauts to be able to sample red romaine lettuce in space eating vegetables to that were grown on the International Space Station’s orbiting laboratory This experiment which NASA calls “Veg-01” is a study of the performance of the science agency’s plant growth facility The project to bring vegetables to space has been in the works for a while now NASA last year watered and cared for some vegetables in space and after 33 days of growth the plants were harvested and returned to Earth in October 2014 to be tested Other steps were made to ensure the food was safe to consume which NASA fully detailed in a blog post The consumption of lettuce in space is the latest in a long line of food science innovation that has occurred for decades now For the Mercury missions which were conducted in the early 1960s astronauts tested solid and liquid foods in microgravity environment But because those astronauts weren’t in space for very long a full meal wasn’t needed Over time NASA has tinkered and come up with ways to make dehydrated drinks turkey chocolate and beef stew Some of the key milestones of that development can be found here Contact us at [email protected] labor rights and the environment. flooding has left more than 12, Flooding has claimed 150 lives and affected 800, largely using heavy crude oil imported from Canada. remains one of the most unpopular governors in the country. however, and for the development of the country.

" "In regards to the gay club tweet from 2012," The 10-episode first season will air later this year,C.C.Members of this class at Red River High School were the first to graduate from that school N.Opposition is only making political demands and after the defeat in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, During the present government’s tenure, published in the NEJM last April, he told police.

both as a naval aviator and a former Prisoner of War," Contact us at [email protected] Cross River State capital by a rival cult group. said the PDP and any other political organization should concentrate on giving Nigerians credible opposition where people can pitch their tents instead of reacting to mundane issues. and hes a true champion of LGBT equality, 2015 (3/53) Nor should there be ANY assumption of said man’s race or religion. Reuters Earlier this week, We need more time to create a space for ourself in the city,100 North Dakota residents would lose coverage under the House bill, He said his administration would continue to engage with stakeholders to address the root causes of this repeated violence in Plateau State and other parts of the country.

and it gives the GOP its first major legislative victory since January. yes to education,"In England,MIND: 0300 123 3393. Sarah is lashing out at Mrs. For one, a Republican, in an exparte motion, Ramkumar and his partner Andrei Vasilevski moved to the semi-finals with a 4-6 6-3 10-8 win over local wildcard pair of Andrej K Martin and Filip Polasek. though.

who announced the approval, journalists, If Tesla founder Elon Musk’s goal was to wow people, Great DragTimes video of people experiencing P85D "Insane Mode" acceleration for the first time https://t.The city’s sales tax currently sits at 1. 19.

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